Boost your online presence

Audit and Consulting

If your company has a website, it should effectively work for you. And if a Web resource, for some reason does not work for the benefit and development of your company, product or service – you should find the very cause and throw it out of the door.
Twain Tech will perform a detailed analysis of your site and provide recommendations for improvement. We will find evident and hidden causes of the poor performance of your site. We will indicate the strengths of your site and provide you with comprehensive recommendations on how to improve your rating in search engines. 
Performing a SEO audit of the site at Twain Tech means identifying the negative and positive aspects that influence the position of your site in search engines. 
We will thoroughly analyze the position both of your website and your competitors' sites in major search engines. The latter is often neglected, but we know what cruel joke may be played by the promotion on those who promote blindly. Therefore, our experts analyze resources of your competitors as carefully as your own site.
Our professionals thoughtfully examine the contents of your site, not missing a single letter. They will captiously test the navigation of the site and evaluate its design. Everything is important when dealing with the improvement of a web resource. That is why we, with your permission, will examine the technical basis of the resource to identify the drawbacks of its technical implementation.
As a result you will get reliable information about the level of your site, tips to promote and complex of measures to improve your website and its products. In other words the site will change for the better. So will your business!